Research done at the University of California-Irvine indicates that young children
taking music lessons have a greater ability to grasp concepts that are also essential
to math and science.   Coordination and concentration are also improved.   
Mastering a song or technique allows children to feel a sense of accomplishment
and a desire to move on to the next challenge.   These feelings of pride can also
improve their confidence in the classroom.

"Music is mathematics. The rhythms, beats, and notes are directly related to the
mathematical way that notes are divided fractionally. A young person who does not
understand fractions in a strictly mathematical context but who is studying music may
"get it" with the explanation of whole, half, quarter, eighth, and other subdivided

Music is social studies. The musician develops a relationship with his audience.
Ensemble musicians cooperate in the practice and performance of their selections.
The songs sung and instruments played reflect the cultures from which they come.
Music tell us about the time period in which it was created, which also makes it a
means of understanding history. The mutual enjoyment of composers and musicians
brings people together.

Music is a foreign language. The symbols for notes, rests, clefs, time measurement,
and tempi are a language that must be understood in order for the music to be
performed properly. Performers who do not speak a common cultural language can
communicate through music. And yet listeners can enjoy music without
understanding the notes on the page or the cultural language used.

Music is physical education. In the playing of instruments, body muscles coordinate
with the eye. Music used as an accompaniment to dance and aerobics enhances
those activities.

Music is science. Acoustics is the science of sound. Instruments and voices
produce waves and vibrations.

Music is enduring. Compositions speak to audiences via performers across the

Music is an aid to intrapersonal knowledge. The musician must continually evaluate
what she is doing, through practice and performance, to be sure that she is
conveying the intent of the selection. "

~ Jay Davidson
Why Study Music?
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